Translating a business idea into design.

I love great design. Of course, it is a very subjective matter what great design really means or is.

You can download the full strategy deck at the end of the article.

For me, it needs to support an idea and bring it to another level. It needs to look professional. Clean. Modern. Support the message and values. Transport a story. Create emotions.

I can hardly describe it, but I translate any business idea into a design in my head. How does this brand need to look and feel like when it comes to life?

Same with my own brand. Slowly but surely, I became an idea of what I want to do, how I want to do it, and why I want to do it.

My lovely friends from Bräutigam & Rotermund help me to bring this idea to life. Tim and Stefan just started their company 10 years ago, when we needed a new brand design for Swipe. And what they did to our tiny brands was groundbreaking for us. Finally, Swipe felt like we wanted it to feel. Finally, it looked beyond average. It looked modern and premium. And still, today the design is timeless.

First layouts of the new design

And that is precisely what I want for my own brand. For now, I focus on the brand “Jürgen Alker.” I thought a lot about creating a new brand name for my future business. But in the end, I concluded that it is me and my experience that people are reaching out for.

I don’t want “Jürgen Alker” to feel like an average consultant, where you can buy some charts, a new methodology, or anything similar. You get me, my experience, my network, and my expertise. I want to help build great businesses.

Tim, Stefan, and their team and I discussed a lot, and it all culminated in this presentation where they came up with a direction for my brand. You can check it out here.

Overview of the design direction

Right now we are in the final stages to bring it alive across all different channels.



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Jürgen Alker

I help entrepreneurs and companies invent the future before someone else does it first. Curious person, who loves to work with nice people.