NFT News, 12.06.2022

Jürgen Alker
2 min readJun 12, 2022


The crypto and NFT markets are still in a downturn. It is easy to report great news when prices only know their way up. And seeing any portfolio shrink in value is painful. No matter if you own stocks or crypto.

I learned the hard way in 2017 / 2018 how easy it is to gain a lot in the crypto market and lose a lot. This lesson taught me that I only invest what I can afford to lose. But also what I can keep without the urge to sell for liquidity. So I stay calm, and there will be sun again after the rain. When? Nobody knows.

I will be traveling for the next two weeks (if you want to see some travel spam from tomorrow on: )

First, I will be at MET AMS. If you are there, give me a sign. I will be on stage as well:

Right after Amsterdam, I will fly to New York for NFT.NYC. 15.000 NFT nerds will be there.

I hope to meet many new people during the next two weeks and share my impressions along the way.

We launched the Highsnobiety Discord two weeks ago. At the moment, it is closed, but you can join with this link:

Some fun stuff is coming soon.

What else has happened?

Tom Sachs dropped his “boring” Nike Craft sneaker. If you owned one of the Tom Sachs Rockets and had a Nike part in your rocket, you were eligible to claim one:

Parda dropped a time capsule NFT:

SF is getting its first NFT Restaurant and membership club:

Virtual Fashion is already a thing:

Snoop Dogg again, now with a Bored Ape-themed dessert restaurant:

Epic Games announced their first NFT game:

A good article about tokengated commerce

Looney Toons will hit the blockchain:

See you in Amsterdam, NYC, or the Metaverse!



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