An (open-source) idea: “White Space“– a space where ideas can arise and grow.

Jürgen Alker
3 min readAug 17, 2021

“White Space“ is an idea I have had in my head for a few years already.

So far, I haven’t had the time and resources to execute it — but I believe in it, and if the time has come, I will execute it.

But in the meantime, I would like to share it and release it to the world. Maybe something happens with it. Maybe someone picks it up and takes it even further.

“White Space“ is often used in design — usually defining the area between design elements. Each element needs to breathe and have some space, and that space is the white space.

And I like the idea of space, where design elements can breathe. Ideas need space to arise and grow. The best ideas don’t happen because they are planned. They happen by accident.

“White Space“ is a physical space that allows random encounters.

Photo via R_ R on Unsplash

Imagine a nice storefront with a huge window. The store has around 200–300sqm. Why a store? It should be accessible. People should just walk in, like in a store. It should be where people are. Movement and people are inspirations. And the barriers to enter it should be low.

Of course, the interior is all white. Floor, walls, ceiling. The room is used as a canvas. It can be remodeled for any need, and everything is flexible and can be removed quickly.

During the day, it can be an office. Several people can work there. It is not a typical co-working space, where you have to pay a member’s fee. Instead, you could just walk in and ask for a desk for a few hours. Or the day.

On a particular day of the week, the space would be open to anyone who has an idea and wants feedback. One-hour slots could be booked (for free), and 2–3 people from “White Space” would sit down together with you and do some sparring on your idea.

In the evening it can become a gallery, where new artists show their work and talk about how they got there.

It could host a sneaker collection or be a pop-up store for a day or two.

It could be a place where people once or twice a week just hang out in the evening and have a drink along with some good music.

It would have a podcast studio so that podcasts can easily be created.

“White Space“ could be kind of a conference. Where people present their ideas, how they executed them, how they failed, or how they succeeded.

“White Space“ could grow into a digital community that is not tied around the physical space.

“White Space“ would become a valuable networking platform. Where there is always someone close by who knows someone else.

Yes, a few co-working spaces try to do all that. But it feels too heavy, not natural.

I would do it differently, much more relaxed and “cooler.”

“White Space“ could be an open-source idea, with a detailed handbook of things defining what “White Space” is and how to run a “White Space.”

Anyways, I could imagine many “White Spaces” worldwide, which build a network of like-minded people who want to create ideas to build a better future.

What do you think about this idea? Keen on discussing it further? Just let me know.




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